MEP Planning Manual PDF


This MEP Planning Manual “PDF” is very important as it’s necessary for construction projects to prepare a realistic time schedule, As we are aware MEP activities are very important for successful delivering any construction project.

The MEP Planning Manual Guide Contains:

Part I: MEP Activity Details

Part II: MEP Method Statement

The Main Purpose of MEP Planning Manual

The main purpose of the MEP Manual is to prepare a time schedule for works with detailed activities for all MEP works integrated with civil works.

Content Of MEP Planning Manual:

Part I:

1-MEP Construction Activity List

2-MEP Activity Flow Diagram

3-MEP And Civil Activity Interface- Graphical

4-MEP And Civil Activity Interface- Tabular

5-MEP Activity Production Rate

6-Material Procurement

Part II:

1-Method Statement For Electrical Installation

2-Method Statement For Mechanical (HVAC) Installation

3-Method Statement For Plumbing Installation

4-Method Statement For Fire Fighting Installation

MEP Guide For Planning Engineers PDF

-The MEP guide for planning engineers is very useful to understand the sequence of MEP activities and the overlapping between civil and MEP activities

Construction Project Milestones

Milestones For Tower:

1-Temporary Power Availability

2-Drainage Connection

3-Water Availability

4-Civil Defence Inspection

5-Authority Inspection For Electrical Works

6-Permanent Power Availability

7-Chilled Water Availability

MEP-Planning-Manual-HABTOOR.pdf (7.9% u)