Modeling and simulations

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im mufeed al-turk, im studying electrical engineering in jordan, i want to present important subject in this forum, it’s modeling the systems and simulation using matlab, i start by an example about this subject, i want from everyone try to analayze any system that he wants and makes simulation for it
simple spring - mass

the previous fiqure displays a mass is attatched with asping on a rough surface , first we draw free body diagram to know variables and constants in the system ,

we can from the previous figure to extract wuation the we build up the simulation on it .
by newton’s law
where :
m: mass, B: frictional constant , K: spring constant
a: acceleration , x: displacement , v: velocity , f(t): external force
a=d^2x/dt^2 , v=dx/dt
so the equation will be :
d^2x/dt^2 +Bdx/dt+Kx ,
now the simulation this model is :

1-we get gain from simulink library , used blocks
2-we get integrator from simulink library , continuos
3- we click double click on each block if we want to change its parameters
4-we get summation block from simulink library , used blocks
5- if we change the signs of summation block we will double click on it
6-it’s very easy to connect between blocks by mouse.
7- we get a signal from simulink library , sources for the external force
we want to get step function as mentioned in the foloowing fogure
then we enter the parameters of the gain m , b ,k in the command window as
m=2; b=5; k=3;

we usualy use scope to show the respone of the system and we get it from simulink library , sinks

then play the model from the abpve sign in the window like the movie player

((((some fiqures are captured from other webs))))
Eng. mufeed al-turk

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