Mondialogo Engineering Award 2006/2007

[LEFT][SIZE=4]The Mondialogo Engineering Award - launched for the second time by DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO to promote intercultural dialogue among engineering students around the world - is still accepting registrations.

In its first round, the Mondialogo Engineering Award brought over 1,700 young engineers from 79 countries together to work on engineering solutions tackling poverty and promoting sustainable development in all regions of the world.

With registrations still coming in from educational engineering institutions, the Mondialogo initiators have decided to extend the registration deadline to 15 December 2006.

Find out more about participation in the Mondialogo Engineering Award 2006/2007:
A special dialogue forum and various other team-building features on the Mondialogo website enable interested students to get in contact with potential project partners from other countries. Virtual project offices will open on the website by 15 December to facilitate the international collaboration for all registered project teams.

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المشاركة في مونديالوغو الهندسية جائزة 2006/2007

التسجيل مفتوح لمشروع فرق اعضائها المسجلين رسميا الطلاب في الجامعات والكليات التقنيه والمؤسسات المشابهة وحتى ايار / مايو 2007.