Operating System Written By c#

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[LEFT]The SharpOS project is aimed at writing an operating system in 100% C#. This originally proved to be a problem of nearly philosophical proportions because C# is a managed language, and by nature isn’t designed for such low-level uses as developing an operating system kernel. Please note that although our goal is to create an operating system in C#, the infrastructure we have created allows kernels to be written in any language that targets the Common Intermediate Language bytecodes and exposes pointers and unsafe code. SharpOS alleviates circular dependency concerns by having the lowest level of the kernel being written to target a limited subset of IL which we have dubbed "Environment- Independent Code". This subset is suitable for being compiled to native kernel code without the support of a runtime or virtual machine. We have developed an ahead-of-time compiler? that can translate this code to native code that can be executed as an operating system kernel. This level of the kernel will implement both the basic low-level functionality of the operating system required for running on a given processor architecture, as well as the base of the common language runtime used to support full-featured IL (dubbed Environment- Dependent- Code?). Once these parts are complete, we will devise a method of informing the AOT compiler that the code can be called to implement the features that are unavailable in EIC.

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[/color][LEFT]http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Singularity_ %28operating_ system%29

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