Performance test of Flat Plate Collector In Atbara

(osama mohammed elmardi suleiman khayal) #1

The use of energy varies over time depending on the level of economic growth, weather conditions, energy prices and many other factors. The world’s energy consumption began to increase with a drop-in energy prices.

It is easy to conclude that as demand for oil increases, prices will rise as a result of the increasing rate of energy consumption and the depletion of other sources of energy, such as renewable energies.

And enjoy the Nile River and especially the city of Atbara excellent solar card can be used for thermal generation through flat solar complexes and you experience a solar complex at the Faculty of Engineering Atbara through the flow of water naturally. The aim of the research was to study the performance of the solar complex. The temperature curves of the 96C system were upgraded and the efficiency of the system was increased by 45%. It was observed that the efficiency increased gradually since the morning. It reaches its peak in the afternoon and gradually decreases in the evening.performance test of flat plate in atbara.pdf (2.1% u)