Please stop this member immidiately

Here is what one of the members said in response to one of the subjects. I already responded but I suggest these violations be faced with membership cancellations immidiately.

شكرا على التنبه وتم عمل اللازم وحذف جميع مشاركات العضو
ونرجو من المهندس احمد ايقاف عضوية العضو hassann82 نهائيا
لاستخدامة الفاظ قذرة جدااا

سنقوم بمراجعة الموضوع المذكور الان وجزاك الله خيرا على التنبيه

جزاك الله خيرا محمود على سرعة عمل اللازم وساقوم الان بايقاف عضوية هذا العضو القذر

Thanks for the quick response. By the way my real name is Hatem but I use this acronym usually in the internet. I hope we don’t see members like this anymore. Sorry for not writing in arabic. I wrote this note from my work computer which doesn’t have arabic keyboard. Thanks again.