Potentiality of Power Production from GebeitAlsharaf Dam, Red Sea State, Sudan

The purpose of this research is to study the possibility of using water power to drive a hydraulic turbine installed in the drinking water pipeline emerging from a dam. The dam is constructed in the Red Sea state by the Dams Implementation Unit Kaleidoscope to solve water supply problem by harvesting and storing rainwater. In this study the required data is collected from the site of the dam and analyzed in terms of hydrological and topographic studies. Using this data, the flow rate of water through the pipe is estimated by applying the energy equation using Excel program analysis. Given flow rate and available head, the power is calculated and found to be about 19.39 kW. Suitable turbine and generator are selected. Finally, the results are compared with those obtained when using the program (Hydro Help - CLOVA issue, January 2010) and found to give very close agreements.AIBM.MS.ID.555809.pdf (938.8% u)