[LEFT]الرجاء المساعدة فى برمجة هذا النظام بmatlab

y1dot =a1*y2+(x1-y1)*20
y2dot =y1-y2+y3
y3dot =-a2*y2

a1 and a2 are constants
y1,y2 and y3 are the states of the system
x1 is the frist state of the following system
x1dot =a1*x2
x2dot =x1-x2+x3
x3dot =-a2*x2
plot the phase plane of the frist system for time interval t=[0 20] ,a1=9 , a2=14.2
the initial conditions (y1(0),y2(0),y3(0)) = (1,0,0) and (x1(0),x2(0),x3(0)) = (1,1,0)[/left]