Rotating joint modeled by solid works

Dear Sirs
This link is a rotating joint of the door modeled by solid works
I couldn’t upload it in here because its size is too big
I have uploaded it in youtube
Everyone can watch it
it is very simple idea
hopefuly it is good enough




Sorry for this confusion
But may be it is not working in you tube just by my account
here are my compressed files

These are the additional files

Here are another 5 files

Here are from 16 to 20

Here are from 21 to 25

Here are from 26 to 30
files from 1 to 30 is my work
It is a modeling of joint for the door shows the rotating of this joint

الفيديو شغال عندي وتم إدراجه بالموضوع الرئيس.

صحيح يا مازن، لماذا لا تكتب باللغة العربية؟ المنتدى هنا هدفه الرئيس خدمة المحتوى العربي في برنامج السوليدووركس وتوصيله للناطقين باللغة العربية.

I am sorry for that
My keyboard is only in English
I can not write in Arabic

I am trying to use very simple words , so everybody can understand what I type
I am sorry again for typing in English