Slaam 2 all ... new member

(C & A) #1

Hi to verybody here and thanks for this good website its very very nice and so much new information add it to me and sepecial thanks to almohandes and tamerPLC…Thanks again

(cute) #2

اهلا وسهلا…
هلا بك اخي في النتدى…
إن شاء الله نستفيد منك وتستفيد منا…

(almohandes) #3

هلا بيك اخي العزيز في منتديات المهندس
وننتظر كل ما هو متميز منك

وشكرا لك على كلامك الرائع :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


اهلا بك و بجميع الا عضاء الجدد فى منتديات المهندس

(C & A) #5

Thanks my friend (cute) in sha allah i will share in this website

(C & A) #6

thanks my adminstrator and iam very happy for your reply

(C & A) #7

Thanks to u my friend eng.ahmedeldeep

(~مهندسة طموحها فوق الأفق~) #8

Hi C&A
Big Welcome to you
enjoy and benefit from our website
waiting for your nice participation
good luck
and welcome again :wink:

(C & A) #9

~مهندسة طموحها فوق الأفق~ Thanks 2 u special your (big welcome) and iam waiting for your useful subjects as usual

(~مهندسة طموحها فوق الأفق~) #10

hi, C&A
thank you for your nice words…
Ensha Allah my subject will catch your intrest…