Take care of yourself .. some English

[LEFT]If you want to take care of others and be useful for them, then it’s time to start with yourself. Remember that you need time to pamper yourself, remember that you need to think of yourself first instead of last.

So start the following to begin the self -nurturing plan.

• Care for yourself exactly the same way you would care for a loved one.

• Give yourself a break.

• Hang out and do what you enjoy most, spend some time on your own.
• Eat well, exercise well, and sleep well.
• Slow down, appreciate your life and all what you have … Thank GOD all the time.
• Forgive yourself … Forgive others …
• Be sure that you are always doing your best.
• Remember that your life is precious
• Keep on smiling even if you are on your own.
• Feel those happy hormones rushing through your system
• Live every moment with big faith of ALLAH … all the time.


Good luck … Love yourself … Love whom you are … and appreciate your life … because your life is you …

Its your dreams … your moments … never hate it … because you would be hating yourself …

Farashah …