The Effectiveness of using Advanced Optimization Algorithms in Heat Exchanger Design

Nowadays, using advanced optimization algorithms has become very popular in engineering design due to different factors among them are
the time and effort high reduction to reach the optimum configuration. In the current research paper, comprehensive thermohydraulic modeling of
fins and tube heat exchangers are conducted. This work examines the implementation and superiority of recently invented optimization algorithms
in optimizing the particular heat exchangers under study. The algorithms used in the present work are Sine Cosine Algorithm SCA, JAYA Algorithm,
and Grey Wolf Optimizer GWO. Three different population sizes, 25, 50, and 100 are used to ensure the judgment of performance superiority. The
objective function of this study is to minimize the annual cost and maximize the effectiveness of heat exchangers. The results show that the best
algorithm in optimizing the fins and tube heat exchanger over the three examined algorithms is Grey Wolf Optimizer GWO.
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