The mechatronics Inc

The mechatronics Inc

From Concept To Reality

Mechatronics can best be defined as a branch of engineering that deals with combined mechanical, electronic and software systems. Mechatronics Inc. was established in 1993 to provide expertise in utilizing and applying the true concept of mechatronics ideas in the automotive industry and other related industries. Based on these ideas, Mechatronics has implemented many electromechanical and electromagnetic concepts in relation to various projects.

Since its inception, Mechatronics has envisioned the realization of the Digital Vehicle (DV). DV includes four distinct but interrelated areas of computing technologies:

MDA – Mechanical Design Automation (KBE, CAD, CAM, CAE, Data Management)

EDA – Electrical Design Automation (KBE, CAD CAM, CAE, Data Management)

eDA – e-Engineering Design Automation (includes IT side of KBE, CAD, CAM, CAE,

Date Management)

MaDA – Manufacturing Design Automation (KBE, CAD, CAM, CAE,

Data Management)

The first idea that Mechatronics implemented in the auto industry involved the establishment of CAE technology in relation to electrical and electromechanical components, subsystems and the total system. During implementation, several different concepts and methodologies were also established. These concepts include the establishment of WHCV (Wire Harness Centric View). This was a first for the auto industry and Mechatronics was recognized and awarded.

The concept of WHCV enables Mechatronics to develop the System Element Identification Process in the auto industry which contains many elements such as generic models, specific models, analytical development, experimental results, resource allocation and data management. In addition, tools such as ETOPS (EDGS to PowerView and Saber) and XSCT (short circuit analysis tool) were developed. The concepts of mechatronics were implemented throughout the execution of WHCV and electromechanical components such as switches, wires, fuses, relays, fuse boxes and many other electromechanical modules and subsystems were modeled and simulated.

Mechatronics has been further involved in the development and execution of many other mechatronics-oriented projects. The list includes projects such as CBT (CAE Based Testing), which directly utilizes electromechanical simulation data in manufacturing processes. Other projects include the development of VDS (Virtual Driving System), which utilizes VHDL and AIMS technologies in developing a driving system, ISG (Integrated Starter Generator), embedded system and many other mechatronics-related projects.

Recently, Mechatronics, Inc. has developed a product for the Wire Harness KBE (WH_KBE) process. A patent is pending for this exciting product. The process will automate the data synchronization between ECAD and MCAD, resulting in a tremendous cost and time savings. By eliminating the need for communication between several developers, which can add error to the overall process, quality is enhanced.

Mechatronics, Inc. is in the process of developing a complete diagnostic system called eIDS (Electronic Integrated Diagnostic System), which utilizes cutting edge simulation technologies and data obtained from those simulation techniques for diagnostic purposes. eIDS is intended to be a great accommodation to both On-Star type and quality repair services. The potential for implementation of eIDS is tremendous and the system can become the main operating system of the auto industry (a system that all simulation related activities are launched from) in the future.

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