What i need to connect my robot with human controller wirelessly

Hi to all i hope ur will,

with my friends we build a robot the mechanichal part is done,this robot has a labtop inside the body like a brain of it,the robot is controlled by a human controller has a computer to do,away from it but in thesame area ( university )and both communicate wirelessly through the wireless network in the area.
this robot will recive a video from human controller and display on the monitor of the labtop also the controller will recive the video from the robot through the camera which is on the robot like eye,the controller will able to move the robot which have 3 wheels and rotate the nike to see the hole area.

at first we wanna do the communication between the robot and the controller
but i need to know what is hardware, the software,programming and protocol we need
to do this .

u can use the microcontroller 8051 or 8052
see this link it will help u maybe

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