Lube oil syst

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Oil care test:

In the attachment is one (1) oil sample report and drawings to be marked up.

Here are the questions for the same.

  • Oil sample report

Please, elaborate your diagnosis, evaluating the trend for Viscosity, Particle count, and Water content parameters.

Please, provide recommendations based on the current oil condition.

  • Drawings – Lube oil tank and Compressor

The required service is Oil Flushing.


  • Send the sequence of major steps to perform the flushing activity.
  • Advise on the oil type & viscosity to perform the flushing activity.
  • Recommend the flow for the flushing activity.
  • Advise on the filter porosity.
  • Advise on how to collect the particles during the flushing activity.
  • Suggest one technique to reduce the flushing.
  • Mark up both P&IDs for flushing activity.
    Feed Pump Centrifugal Pump - sample report.pdf (384.5% u)
    PID - Compressor Skid.pdf (58.0% u)
    PID - Lube Oil Skid.pdf (46.5% u)